Founder Message

Nick Ayton

Chief Executive Officer
[email protected]

“I have spend four decades working in technology and have a dozen startups behind me. I know how hard it is to raise capital and prepare to meet the scrutiny of ¬†investors. Our firm operates between London, Monaco and Dubai -key investor hubs from which we run events, team up with investors and obtain mandates for investment.”

“Whilst we are all coping with Covid19, the World economy ticks on and the UAE and GCC lead they way in deploying capital during this tricky time. The region that is hungry for technology and for great products and services – is dedicated to Blockchain, AI and Smart Cities.”

“There is one thing better than direct investment – customer orders and a regional partner that helps get you win market share. And why we work closely on placing technology enabled products and services with key partners in the region that help scale the business and the opportunities”. Nick Ayton

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