We are your Blockchain & Cryptocurrency partner.

We help our clients navigate the complexities of Blockchain technologies and benefit from the range of opportunities in the cryptocurrency markets.

Our businesses help discover and launch the best Blockchain opportunities:

  • Chainstarter Ventures provides the bridge between the investor community matched with great opportunities
  • Chainstarter Advisory helps entrepreneurs polish their propositions and launch new tokens using our ICO launch platform
  • Chainstarter Technologies provides core technologies to design and build Blockchains, launch new tokens on our ICO platform and then list tokens on our crypto exchnage

Blockchain technologies is redefining commerce and fundamentally changing how industries function and operate


Blockchain Investing

We are a crypto focused venture business and we invest our own capital in the projects that deliver social impact at scale. The team have many decades of experience in creating and building technology businesses, have a background in computer science and have been involved in Blockchain since 2012.
We are helping to build the new infrastructure to create the new Crypto Capital Markets so that all people can be engaged in a single global economy free from tampering, and where the store of value is protected.

Traditional Capital Markets cannot meet the demands of a decentralised economy that require an entirely new set of financial instruments and products that deliver value in a fair and transparent way

“Any investment office should have Blockchain investments as part of their investment portfolio as a hedging strategy given the level of disintermediation that is happening in all industries by this new technology”

Investment Approach

Identifying value in a world of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies can be difficult.

Deal Flow

A proven approach to spot great investment opportunities


  • Relevant business experience
  • 100% commitment (team members don’t have other jobs)
  • Team is passionate about the project


  • Disruptive potential
  • Opportunity to scale


  • Existing product & service
  • Technology stack (MVP)


  • Problem solved
  • Deliver for investors
  • Why Blockchain

We get exceptional levels of deal flow and filter these to focus on the ones that can scale quickly and generate enterprise value for investors and stakeholders.

Our recent focus:

  • TV, Entertainment & Gaming
  • Humanitarian Banking
  • Renewable Energy & Electric Vehicles
  • Solar, Green Energy, Wind and Hydro Power
  • Climate Change & Carbon Offset
  • eCommerce, Social Media and B2C
  • Bio-Tech, Ai, VR/AR
  • Bio-metrics and Identity
  • Quantum Computing & Robotics
  • The Movement economy
  • Blockchain Infrastructure

New Blockchain enabled business models deliver significant competitive advantage and more efficient capital structures which means better returns for investors

Social Impact Investing at Scale

Key attributes:

Opportunity to scale to 50+million users
Proposition appeal creates viral effect
High disruptive potential
Tokens are linked to business performance
Private Placement and early investment options

Project 1 - “World’s number 2 most viewed content”

Description: AI driven social petwork for dogs
Pet based economy drives B2C
Potential to scale to 100m+ users fast
Community rewarded in Bones for walking their dogs
Brand loyalty rewards with cryptocurrency called ‘bones’
Dual token model
Hard Cap $60m
Security Token pays dividend with equity
Private Placement options

Project 2 “we made it for you”

Description: Direct to fan content distribution platform

Fair & transparent entertainment funding & production model
300m+ fans in place
Subscription model offers investors share of Gross Revenues
Soft Cap $10m
Hard Cap $60m
Token offers share of income and equity at exit
Private Placement options

Project 3 “Electric Vehicle Manufacturer”

Description: EV & Home Energy producer shipping products to Asia (China)
Pre IPO Reg B company whos Mkt Cap is several billions USD
Renewable Energy, EV and OffGrid Home products and services
Micro Services Platform on the Blockchain to support EVs & Energy Storage Units
Soft Cap $50m Hard Cap $500m
Security tokens pays percentage of platform income
Private Placement options

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