At the heart of a successful token sale is the technology that manages the process

ChainStarter’s management processes is unique. Our system is the most secure
technology available, created by our own CTO and in-house development team
specifically to protect both our clients and their contributors.

API & Widgets

Our API & Widgets offer your ICO Investors the very best security in the market as well as a range of convenient options for ultimate ease of use.

If required, we have we have a full KYC & AML registration process to give our clients the option to attract Institutional or Authorised Investment. You will be able to fully identify and vet your contributors if required. For wider crowd sale purposes, where a lower level of KYC is required, our registration widgets can be customised to take account of your precise wishes.

Security & Flexibility with API Registration

At the point of registration, we take two addresses from your contributors:

1. An ERC20 Token address is captured for easy delivery of the Tokens we issue on your behalf.

2. An Investment Return Address (IRA) is also captured. This allows your investor to choose their method of investment, whether Bitcoin or Ethereum. This ensures that your investor has a choice of investment currency and also allows us to return investments in the event that your soft cap is not achieved, protecting your reputation, and ours.

ChainStarter is the only platform to offer your investors this level of choice, and other cryptocurrencies, ETC, BCH, LTC or XDG can also be chosen, at your request.
The added benefit of this unique approach is that your contributors are free to purchase your tokens from ANY crypto wallet, including buying direct from their preferred exchange. No need for a second stage in the process, and all handled without the need for investors to leave your website.

Chainstarter is a very different platform, set up specifically to help technology-inspired entrepreneurs raise ethically sourced crypto-funding for Blockchain start-ups and established businesses alike.
Our clients get a full Token Sale support package, from initial consultancy and advice, right through to help with exchange listings. We even have facilities to support Institutional Investment, with full KYC & AML capability if clients need it.

With Chainstarter you get a dedicated ICO advisor to take you through all the various stages of your Token Sale, supported by a board director who’s run their own ICO.

We can advise you on your value proposition, white paper and website development, crypto economics and token structure and security, advisory board recruitment, PR and marketing.

All from in-house resources. And because we understand customer service, we can even give you best advice when it comes to social media strategy, investor relations and token distribution. If you want to revolutionise your industry using blockchain, we’re here to help you get your idea off the ground.

Added Security Layers

ICOs are frequently subject to attack by hackers and scammers, so ChainStarter’s security-first approach and rigorous process make your Token Sale as safe as it can possibly be.

Instead of asking contributors to send their hard-earned currency to a single address, making it vulnerable to attack, we issue a new address for every contributor, based on their preferred investment currency.

This means the ICO proceeds are never pooled in one place until the sale is closed.

No system will ever be totally hack-proof, but this way, any would be crypto thief needs to hack literally thousands of individual addresses to access any meaningful level of funds. A significant deterrent, to say the least. Transparent Monitoring & Distribution

We monitor & record all incoming transactions to each address as well as the amount of each investment, and all confirmed transactions appear on the Blockchain. This Register of Investors is captured and tokens are automatically distributed to investors as soon as data is fed into the system. Even Pre-ICO Tokens.

Ethical Token Management

Our technology stack is structured to make provision for the immediate return of investment if a Soft Cap is not met.

Distribution of funds is also automatic. When a Hard Cap is met, or at the end of a time-limited ICO, a single Smart Contract triggers distribution of funds according to client requirements immediately. Any overpayment or funds received after the ICO closes or a Hard Cap is met will be returned immediately to the investors.

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