Funding Models

Chainstarter Ventures works closely with management teams to help them mature their propositions and from strategies to attract investment capital. This can involve the design and creation of new assets – ‘digital assets’ or traditional paths to finding capital, growth and market entry opportunities. 


Digital Assets – our team have pioneered Digital Assets and Blockchain since 2013, led by Nick Ayton who is seen as one of the most influential people in this space. We have  designed a wide variety of Blockchain based – decentralised operating models, payment, rewards and asset backed digital assets, working in different jurisdictions and regulatory environments, handling both sophisticated and retail investors


SPACs – Special Purpose Acquisition Company – is a funding approaches that involves creating a Public Company that delivers access to public capital markets to raise capital from which to acquire target businesses, as an alternate to an IPO. 

Debt & Equity Investment –  we work extensively with Family Offices, Tech Funds, UHNW and Sovereign Governments to match capital investment with companies looking for capital. We often work on specific  ‘mandates’ where investors ask us to find businesses that fit a certain profile, industry or product/service. 






To make your proposition stand out there are essential things you must do…

Packaging your proposition for investment:

Make it relevant to the region: be mindful of what is in it for the region, who will not give you a check to spend in the US.

Inform and show what you have: tThe region likes to see products that are working, they are attracted to live projects and not 40 page slide decks…

Don’t Sell: the key is to not sell too early and make friends. Be very clear on what you are offering and what is in it for the other party. Investors are people, not wallets!


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