Chainstarter is a full-service, ethical blockchain funding platform that delivers all aspects of the token sale process to help entrepreneurs like you to do something amazing. If you’re considering a token sale we offer the most comprehensive range of services to support ICOs.



  • ICO Pre Planning & Set Up
  • Dedicated ICO Project Management
  • White Paper Review
  • Tokenomics Review
  • Jurisdiction Assessment & Legal Introductions

ICO Infrastructure

  • Digital KYC and AML
  • US Accreditation for Individuals & Institutions
  • Blockchain agnostic Token creation
  • Automated Token Distribution
  • Crypto and Fiat Currency Accepted

PR, Marketing & Media

  • PR & Marketing Strategy
  • Content Creation & Promotion
  • TV, Video and Media options
  • ICO Website Design & Build

Post ICO Services

  • Post ICO Governance
  • Escrow, Trustee and Custody
  • Crypto Exchange Listing Support
  • Cold Store Solutions

Blockchain Development

  • Design & Build (cryptonomics)
  • Software Development
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Security Services

Management Teams & Advisors

  • Supplement Management Teams
  • ICO Advisors
  • Technology Advisors
  • Board Advisors

When experience matters…

Chainstarter is a second generation token launch platform that supports Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) specialising in issuing Security Tokens. We project manage the entire process from beginning to end and organise the funding of projects via public token sales and Private Placements. The team have advised and launched many ICOs and for some clients we build live
production Blockchains.

We support management teams, founders and entrepreneurs to help them shape their proposition to be Blockchain ready and ensure it is engineered to work with the right Blockchain.

Helping to navigate the complexities of emerging regulations, jurisdiction and tax and making the right choices to get the most from their fund raising activities.

It is important projects deliver for all stakeholders: Investors and Token Buyers, the Management team and Users of the Platform, Product or Services and Chainstarter has very specific criteria for taking on new clients. We believe the essence of any successful token launch is the tokenomic structure that defines the purpose and utility of the token(s) and how these manifest into the creation of a store of value for everyone involved.

Market Background

The ICO market has grown rapidly and continues to outpace early
stage Venture Capital funding. During the first half of 2018 we
have seen several structural changes that requires projects to
take a different approach. Since the ICO explosion in the second
half of 2017 where many projects were funded from crypto
currency gains made by the crowd, 2018 has seen the bulk of
funding come from Institutional sources.

With Bitcoin and larger Mkt Cap crypto currencies markets
moving sideways this has reduced available crypto profits from
the crowd and when combined with the impact of emerging
regulation, where the SEC has stated that all tokens are
securities, the strategy for a successful ICO has changed.

In response, Chainstarter has developed an extensive network
of Family Offices, Institutions and High Net Worth Investors
to help our clients get pre funded through ‘private placement’
before any offer is made as part of a public sale.

“At Chainstarter we help out clients navigate the
complexities of raising capital from Institutional
and private Investors and navigate the emerging
regulatory landscape”

Our Criteria

Before accepting a new client we want to understand:

  • What is the business problem being solved?
  • How will the core proposition solve it?
  • Why Blockchain?
  • How the income model cascades into the token structure
  • Is the team fully formed and committed full time?
  • Is there a real product and business behind the venture…

Tokenomics is the single most important aspect of the ICO crowdfunding process. It defines how value is created and passed between participants of the project. And especially for Investors what benefits and entitlements they can expect…

Nick Ayton Blockchain Evangelist

Our Focus

As investors ourselves we look for projects that can create Social Impact and scale at pace, so called Impact Investing. We look at the underlying market potential that with the right proposition will see Users exceed 10m to 50m is a short period of time. Creating significant enterprise value.

Blockchain is a profound technology and is already dis-intermediating industries and redefining business operating models. Blockchain operating models are fundamentally more efficient, have lower cost of capital and can deliver value to customers and other stakeholders
without the inherent friction or fear of human tampering and abuse.
Our ICO clients represent key industries that are going through massive change.

  • Entertainment & Music Industry
  • Renewable Energy trading
  • Solar & Off-Grid Energy
  • Electric Vehicle and EV Infrastructure
  • Bio Identity
  • Compliance KYC and AML
  • AI eCommerce
  • Quantum Computing & Blockchains
  • Humanitarian Banking for Unbanked
  • Carbon Offset – Wellbeing
  • Alternate Asset Management
  • Debt Restructring & Management
  • Gambling & Gaming
  • Algorithmic Trading
Why Blockchain

Blockchain is not the answer for every project and the arrival of the token economy has attracted many projects that want to raise capital but actually have no need or have given no thought to the use of Blockchain technologies.

Useful Definition:

Tokenomics vs Cryptonomics

Tokenomics is the engineering and creation of a store of value in software terms that creates a new instruments that can be traded and exchanged between one or more parties. Tokens defines the entire value of the project and the entitlements for Users and Token Holders (Investors).

Cryptonomics defines the relationship between the underlying Blockchain network, the infrastructure, the protocols and the consensus model used that largely define performance, security and scaling options of the Blockchain.

Chainstarter Advisory Core Services

We offer a range of tailored services to meet the needs of
founders and their project goals

  • Proposition Polishing
  • White Paper & Information Memorandum Review
  • ICO Project Management
  • ICO Promotion & Marketing
  • Tokenomics Design
  • Regulatory and Jurisdiction Support & Input
  • Investor Outreach & Introductions
  • Board Advisory, ICO Advisory, Technology Advisory
  • Blockchain Consulting

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